SCSRA-Ventura Chapter Overview

The Ventura Chapter of the Southern California Soccer Referees Association serves members and leagues in the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas. Our members referee USSF affiliated games for the Coast Soccer League, Youth Tournaments sanctioned by California Youth Soccer Association-South, and the Tri-Counties Men's League. We are always in need of new and seasoned referees. General membership meetings are held the third Thursday of every month.

Membership Meeting Notice

General Information

Our meetings are held in the Education Center room at Moorpark High School. Moorpark High School is located on Tierra Rejada Road in Moorpark, CA. Take California 23 to Tierra Rejada Road. Turn west and continue on Tierra Rejada Road approximately 3.5 miles. Turn right at Mountain Trail Street. The parking lot is on the left, 400 feet from Tierra Rejada at 12400 Mountain Trail Street. Enter campus through the parking lot gate on west side of the lot. Go between buildings L & K and then on to the end of building H. The Education Center will be on the right at the end of building H.

Next Meeting

The next regular monthly meeting will be held at 7 PM on Thursday, January 19th, 2017.

The preliminary agenda for the meeting is as follows:


Link to Previous Meeting Minutes

Current Announcements

Other Information

Tax Reporting

Cal South and USSF Training, Certification & Upgrade Requirements

Cal South has established minimum requirements per year to ensure that recertifying referees our referees are current with the latest trends in game management as well as the latest changes to and interpretations of the Laws of the Game.  Please refer to the Cal South website for up to date training requirements.

Training Attendance Recording

Attendance is recorded at each meeting to document each referee’s training credit.  Your attendance is reported to Cal South where they consolidate your training attendance with training you get from other venues.  We need to know your USSF ID number to ensure that you can get this credit.  The most current training record for all attendees of our training sessions can be bound by clicking on this link.

Game Assignment Questions?

Members with questions regarding their game assignments are asked to contact our assignor, Ian Anderson.  Try to work any issues out with him first before contacting our Standards Chair, Mike Skinner, or a board member.  Contact information for both Ian and Mike can be found in the Associations Officers page of the web site.

Please contact our assignor Ian Anderson at (805) 705-4861 or a Board Member if you have any questions.

Referee Certification

USSF Certification

Certification and Recertification Clinics
USSF referee certification is required before you can be assigned games by our association.  Instructions for initial certification, recertification, and upgrading can be found on the Cal South Referee Program Overview Web page.

Cal South Website:
State Referee Registrar and Training Contact: Laura Dudoit
E-mail Address:
Phone Number: (714) 451-1521

Requirements for all referee grades as well as links to all Upgrade and/or Maintenance clinics for grades 5, 6, & 7 and emeritus grades 15 & 16 are now on the Cal South website by going to the Cal South Referees Maintenance and Upgrade Requirements web page.

AYSO to USSF Crossover Certification

AYSO referees do not need to take the entry-level clinic if they qualify.  Information for cross-certification from AYSO to USSF can be found on the Cal South Cross-Certification Web Page.  Our SCSRA-Ventura Director of Member Development Reed Christy at if you have any questions.

NISOA (College) Certification

Please e-mail Luis Gutierrez for if you need more information.  Refer to the NISOA FAQ website for information on qualifying for NISOA certification.  Additional NISOA information can be found on the NISOA Home page.

NISOA is not officially affiliated with SCSRA-Ventura.

SCSOA (High School) Certification

SCSOA certification is required officiate high school soccer.  Please contact them with any questions.

Point of contact for questions:
Ted Norris, President, SCSOA-Ventura Chapter
Phone: (805) 405-6249
Association Website: SCSOA-Unit I, Ventura Chapter

SCSOA is not officially affiliated with SCSRA-Ventura. 

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