SCSRA-Ventura Membership

Requirements for Game Assignments

         Membership in the SCSRA-Ventura Chapter. Members must remain in good standing as defined in our association constitution and bylaws.

         Members must appear on the USSF registration list for the current year before they are assigned USSF sanctioned games by the SCSRA-Ventura Assignor. The content of this registration listing is the responsibility of the Cal South Referee Committee Registrar.

         Risk Management approval is required for officiating all youth games through U19. Risk Management approval status in included on the USSF registration list posted on the Cal South Web Site. Risk Management FAQS are posted by the Risk Management Administrator. The FAQs include how to get approved and who to contact regarding your listing.

SCSRA-Ventura Membership

         The SCSRA-Ventura membership year starts March 1st.

         Prospective and returning members need to fill out an SCSRA-Ventura membership application and submit the application along with their dues for the membership.

         Dues payable and submittal instructions are included on the membership application form.

         Please complete the application in full. Your may not be activated for game assignments if your application is incomplete.

         Applications and dues received after December 31st will be processed and be effective for the following membership year.

         Applications and dues received prior to December 31st will apply to the current year. Please keep this in mind when deciding when to submit your application.

         Approved applicants will receive an e-Mail invitation from Arbiter Sports. Arbiter Sports is the assigning system our association uses to assign games. Please follow the instructions provided in the email to set up your account so you can be assigned games as soon as possible.

         Contact our Assignor if you have any questions about your getting or not getting assignments.

USSF Certification and Registration

         Information on and procedures for USSF Registration at Cal South are available on the Cal South USSF Registration web page.

         Certification procedures are listed on our USSF Certification and Upgrade Process web page.

This page last updated Thursday, March 5, 2015